Monday, March 9, 2009

The Space Time Continium

I went to visit my family rather unexpectedly in February, and it felt like a dream.  Sureal but nice... I was walking, breathing, talking and feeling my beloved Mexico all around me; from the "Hola, preciosa" greeting by the customs officer, to the desert dust on my shoes. I was home.  I was speechless!!  I had been sent by my children to join my mother, father and brothers at our grandmother Sebastiana Urias' funeral.  That's why the trip was so sudden and unplanned.  But those have been the best 6 days I've had.  There was lots of talking and eating, hugging and remembering.  I did take the time to bring memories for my senses.  I've been blessed with a rather sharp memory of place and time.  So here's my sample finding myself where I'm loved and accepted and most of all.  Where I belong.

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